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Color coded drugs don’t work for the colorblind

A survey of colorblind people has shown that mistakes can be made when taking medications which are color coded.

About 8% of men and 0.4% of women are colorblind, mostly having problems distinguishing between red and green. A survey of 100 colorblind people found that 2% of them had mixed up their medications because of color recognition problems.

Video: What do colorblind people see?

The is video gives a great description of what colorblind people see. The ophthalmologist from the University of Colorado Hospital explains what color blindness is and the different colors that can be confused.

Video: Are you color blind? Take a test!

The man who made this short color blindness test video is colorblind himself. Please do not use this as a 100% diagnostic tool. I enjoyed doing the test and no, I am not colorblind!

For more information on the color blindness survey you can visit The Lancet to read the researchers report.

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