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Is coffee good for diabetes?

Drinking a cup of coffee is an essential start to the day for millions. The queue in the morning at Starbucks or the local coffee take out shows us that.

But, is drinking coffee harmful to diabetics? Harvard researchers looked at the effect coffee has on the risk of developing heart diseases and risk of dying early in diabetic men.

The verdict is good news for coffee lovers. :) The study showed that drinking coffee is not harmful to diabetics!

The coffee drinking study

Researchers wanted to find out whether drinking coffee may impair diabetics’ ability to process glucose.

Harvard School, Boston researchers studied 3497 diabetic men who were tracked from 1986 to 2004. None of the men had cardiovascular disease at the start. Throughout the 8 year period the men filled in several questionnaires on their diet, including coffee drinking habits.

The coffee drinking results

The researchers found that drinking coffee did not significantly increase the risk of heart disease or the chance of dying during the study period, compared with those men who didn’t drink coffee. This was true even for those who drunk 4 or more cups a day.

The study results are good news for coffee lovers, as drinking coffee does not have harmful affects for diabetics. Just avoid sugar in your coffee, as too much sugar is harmful to diabetics.

In conclusion …

The researchers wrote in conclusion, “These data indicate that regular coffee consumption is not associated with increased risk for CVDs (cardiovascular diseases) or mortality in diabetic men.”

The study was published in Diabetes Care journal June 2009.

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