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Some coffee drinkers develop tolerance for caffeine

Source: Yahoo
Caffeine’s blood pressure effect persists in some .

Source: Journal of Hypertension
Blood pressure response to chronic intake of coffee and caffeine: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Source: Mayo Clinic
How does Caffeine affect my blood pressure?

Other sources: Reuters , Prevent Disease , Medline Plus

Our Summary

My advice would be for individuals who have high blood pressure — and
particularly if their blood pressure is not easily controlled with
medication — to limit their caffeine intake,
” Dr. N. H. Farag, a
researcher at the VA Medical Center and University of Oklahoma Health
Sciences Center
in Oklahoma City, told Reuters Health.

Reuters Health reports: “There is no easy way for people to tell whether
they have high or low caffeine tolerance; systematic monitoring of a
person’s blood pressure response to various caffeine doses is the only
route, according to Farag.

The common message for high blood pressure sufferers from the research is
limit caffeine intake and focus on getting regular exercise and eating a
healthy diet.

I will make sure Steve sees this story … he loves his coffee, although I suspect he has a high caffeine tolerance.

Steve’s note: I have taken many readings soon after having a cup of coffee, and I have never noticed an increase from my normal readings.

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One Response to “Some coffee drinkers develop tolerance for caffeine”

  1. JEAN says:

    Products that contain high levels of caffeine, for instance espresso, green tea, cola, as well as energy drinks, enjoy tremendous popularity around the world, while different studies have raised both positive and negative health-related concerns. But it surely is understandable that caffeine intake overdose can result in caffeine intoxication, with signs or symptoms like for example emotional stress, irregular heartbeat, in addition to sleeplessness. In extreme cases, a massive overdose can cause depressive disorder.

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