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Cocoa can reduce blood pressure

Cocoa, either as a dark chocolate bar or as a hot drink, may lower blood pressure in overweight adults, according to a new study.

The cocoa study

Researchers from the Yale Prevention Research Center studied a small group of 45 adults who were overweight to obese.

They gave some of the participants a dark chocolate bar containing 22 grams of cocoa. Other participants got a bar containing no cocoa.

Before-and-after blood pressure and ultrasound tests showed improved blood pressure and blood vessel function after they ate the dark chocolate bar, compared to the cocoa-free bar.

In addition, blood pressure and blood vessel function improved after participants drank two cups of cocoa, compared with drinking a beverage containing no cocoa.

Researchers note

When the cocoa drink contained sugar, blood pressure and blood vessel function didn’t improve as much as when the cocoa was sugar-free. The sugar may have offset cocoa’s effects to some degree researchers suggested.

Of course, too much chocolate is not recommended for those trying to loose weight and reduce blood pressure. However, if you feel like indulging then dark and cocoa rich chocolate is the best.

The study was published in the July edition of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


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