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Yet another reason to eat chocolate

Source: HeartZine UK
Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure

Our Summary

Previous studies have shown that dark chocolate can reduce the overall risk of heart disease – as discussed in our previous story on dark chocolate and blood pressure. However, an exciting new study has been released by researchers in Italy. It compared a group of participants, who all had high blood pressure, eating white chocolate, which contains no flavoniods or cocoa to a group who ate dark chocolate.

The before-and-after blood pressure readings indicated that, for the dark chocolate group, systolic blood pressure dropped 12 points and diastolic blood pressure, 8.5 points, while in the white chocolate group no improvements were seen. A 10% decrease in LDL (“bad cholesterol”) was also noted in those who ate dark chocolate, with no change observed in the white chocolate group. “, as reported in Hypertension’s August issue.

For those who find dark chocolate a little too bitter, flavoniods are natural antioxidants that are also found in tea, red wine, and many fruits and vegetables. Reuters reports, “nutritionists have urged people to be cautious because chocolate is high in fat, sugar and calories”.

May be a better idea for those of us who are watching their weight – OK Steve! :)

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Source: Reuters UK
Another reason to eat chocolate — blood pressure


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