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Reducing blood pressure risk of children

New research has found that children who eat less salt and drink less sugary soft drinks, lowered their risk of obesity and high blood pressure as adults.

The children’s diet study

Dr Feng He, the lead author of the study, analyzed data of over 2000 UK children aged between 4 and 18 years old. The children kept food and drink diaries, and had their weight and blood pressure recorded.

The researchers found that children eating a lower-salt diet drank fewer sugar-sweetened soft drinks.

Researchers conclusions

Dr He said, “If children aged 4 to 18 years cut their salt intake by half (i.e., an average reduction of 3 grams a day), there would be a decrease of approximately two sugar-sweetened soft drinks per week per child, so each child would decrease calorie intake by almost 250 kcal per week,”

He added, “Not only would reducing salt intake lower blood pressure in children, but it could also play a role in helping to reduce obesity.”


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