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Why chart your weight?

Studies have shown that stepping on the scales often can actually help you lose weight! Read more.

Keeping track by charting your weight loss will further motivate you to get the results you want.

My Weight Software will remind you to get on the scales, and get you moving towards the weight you want to be. Start now by downloading a free 15 day trial.

No matter what diet or weight loss plan you use, My Weight Software will work with you. It will track the results, and alert you to weight increases to prevent weight rebound after your weight loss.

My Weight Software will help you

My Weight Software is software for Windows that records and charts body weight, and optionally waist measurements to achieve the weight you want.

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My Weight Software can be used with any diet or weight loss regime.

See the impact that changes to your diet and exercise routine have on your weight … all without a complex diary system. Tracking your weight loss helps you stay motivated, regardless of your diet.

The Projection Tool shows you how much weight you need to lose weekly to achieve your ideal weight by the date you choose. An invaluable tool if your planning to wear a special outfit soon!

Try My Weight Software for free for 15 days. Download your free trial here now.

You can purchase My Weight Software for US$29.95 with options to buy a CD and subscription to an Online Locker back-up.


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About Kellie

Kellie is 37 years old and together with her brother Steve makes up the My Health Software team.

She helps on the websites and gathering news for the programs. Kellie worked in the medical industry prior to having her two children (8 and 6) and has a strong interest in self awareness and management of health conditions.