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Change in seasons affects blood pressure

An American study has shown people with hypertension are more likely to have lower blood pressure levels in summer. The report, published in the American Heart Association journal, states people had an 8% chance of their blood pressure being lower in summer.

The study

Over 440,000 U.S. hypertensive people were studied over a 5 year period to find blood pressure levels were lower in summer.

Dr Fletcher, the lead researcher suggests that high activity levels in summer help to lower blood pressure levels. Dr Fletcher said, “People gain weight in the winter and lose weight in the summer. People tend to exercise more in the summer and less in the winter.”

Researchers found the same pattern emerged regardless of the climate. They studied data from warm and cold climates including Anchorage, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Professor Williams from the Blood Pressure Association said blood pressure levels – and rates of stroke and heart attack – tended to be higher in winter.


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