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Vitamin D deficiency linked to hypertension

Vitamin D deficiency linked to hypertension...

I had no idea there were so few food sources of vitamin D. Studies show we are not getting enough vitamin D and a deficiency is linked to high blood pressure.

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Resistant hypertension linked to salt

Resistant hypertension linked to salt...

A study has shown that a high salt diet may prevent those with resistant hypertension from being unable to control their high blood pressure with medications.

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Using a home monitor accurately

Using a home monitor accurately...

The American Heart Association have clear guidelines on how to use a blood pressure home monitor. They now have a short video that shows exactly how to take accurate readings.

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‘Silent strokes’ are a risk

‘Silent strokes’ are a risk...

A new study has shown many people over the age of 60, especially those with high blood pressure, may have had a a ’silent stroke’ and don’t even know it.

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Whole grains good for blood pressure

Whole grains good for blood pressure...

A study has shown the significant impact eating whole grains can have on blood pressure. I was surprised to learn exactly what whole grains are and why they are so good.

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Insights into erratic blood pressure readings

Insights into erratic blood pressure readings...

There was a lot of interest in the erratic blood pressure stories. One of users, Rochelle has had big highs and lows in blood pressure as she juggled her medication. She has now found a healthy balance!

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Vegetables are great for blood pressure

Vegetables are great for blood pressure...

A study has shown a diet high in vegetables can lower blood pressure. It helps to explain why the DASH diet is so successful.

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Blood pressure medication options

Blood pressure medication options...

I found a great video which explains how the different blood pressure lowering medications work on the body.

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White-coat hypertension is a risk

White-coat hypertension is a risk...

Don’t ignore white-coat and masked hypertension! Sporadic spikes in blood pressure can increase your risk of high blood pressure.

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Music can lower blood pressure

Music can lower blood pressure...

A study has shown the powerful affect of music on blood pressure. Learn which music increases and lowers your blood pressure.

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Lifestyle affects your genes

Lifestyle affects your genes...

Genes may explain why some people are more susceptible to the effects of a poor diet and lack of exercise on their blood pressure.

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Lack of sleep linked to hypertension

Lack of sleep linked to hypertension...

Sleeping badly will raise your blood pressure levels. Learn how much sleep a night you need to decrease your risk.

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Erratic blood pressure readings

Erratic blood pressure readings...

A My Blood Pressure user emailed me asking for suggestions for his erratic readings and subsequent trips to the ER. If you have had erratic readings please read this story.

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Keep your blood pressure readings safe

Keep your blood pressure readings safe...

A computer crash, virus, or meltdown are unfortunately a fact of life online. Steve and I get 4-5 emails a week from users who are trying to find a month or years worth of readings.

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Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is the best medicine...

Two new studies have shown that ‘laughter really is the best medicine’, especially for your heart.

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