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Cut out sugary drinks

Cut out sugary drinks...

A lot of calories come in cans of soda. Most diet plans say to cut them out. This study shows how much weight you can lose by cutting out sugary drinks.

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Where to take body temperature

Where to take body temperature...

Good question! I was recently asked where you should take your body temperature for the most accurate reading. I have some answers for you.

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Lack of exercise or too much food?

Lack of exercise or too much food?...

An innovative study looked at the rise of obesity in the US from the 1970’s, to see if food or exercise habits were to blame.

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Waist size is a predictor of heart failure

Waist size is a predictor of heart failure...

Waist size is a predictor of heart failure, even if BMI is in the normal range, according to a study.

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Tongue exercises help with sleep apnea

Tongue exercises help with sleep apnea...

Strange but true! Exercising your tongue and throat muscles can help with moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

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Warning: stop using Hydroxycut products

Warning: stop using Hydroxycut products...

The U.S. FDA warned dieters and body builders to stop using Hydroxycut, a widely sold diet supplement. It has been linked to liver damage and at least one death.

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Brown fat maintains body temperature

Brown fat maintains body temperature...

Brown fat on your body can help you stay lean. It burns up calories to maintain your body temperature when you are cold.

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Drinking water can prevent obesity

Drinking water can prevent obesity...

A study showed schools with water fountains had a significantly lower number of overweight children. Drink more water!

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Being overweight is bad for your knees

Being overweight is bad for your knees...

Overweight people are at an increased risk of having knee or hip replacement surgery, according to researchers.

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Obesity impacts life expectancy

Obesity impacts life expectancy...

Being obese can take years of your life, the equivalent to being a smoker, a Lancet study reports.

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Increase calcium to lose weight

Increase calcium to lose weight...

We know calcium is good for strong bones, now a study has shown eating more calcium can help you lose weight.

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An increase in weather causes migraines

An increase in weather causes migraines...

An increase in weather temperature has been shown to be a trigger for migraines, according to a Harvard study.

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Telephone counseling helps weight loss

Telephone counseling helps weight loss...

Telephone counseling has been shown as a good way to help people loose weight.

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Medical events while flying on the increase

Medical events while flying on the increase...

People having medical problems while flying is becoming more common, according to a new study.

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Temperature will affect your sleep

Temperature will affect your sleep...

Being too hot or too cold will prevent a good nights sleep. Find out what temperature will help you sleep at night.

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