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Taking your body temperature

Taking your body temperature...

Posted by KellieMyHS in Kellie's blog, Other Health News on September 3, 2009 | no responses | permalink

Ear and digital thermometers are so convenient as they tell you or your child’s body temperature reading in seconds. Watch this video to make sure you are using yours properly.

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Overweight friends eat more together

Overweight friends eat more together...

Posted by KellieMyHS in Kellie's blog, Other Health News on September 1, 2009 | no responses | permalink

Could some of your overweight friends be sabotaging your diet? Study shows that overweight friends eat more when they dine out together.

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Sleep apnea increases your risk of dying early

Sleep apnea increases your risk of dying early...

People with severe breathing disorders during sleep, such as sleep apnea, were more likely to die from a variety of causes earlier, according to a new study.

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Understanding GI or the glycemic index

Understanding GI or the glycemic index...

I was asked recently what a low glycemic index diet really meant. A good question for anyone who is tracking their weight and watching what they eat!

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Beetroot boosts your stamina

Beetroot boosts your stamina...

Beetroot juice has been shown to reduce blood pressure in previous studies. Now a study shows that beetroot juice reduces oxygen uptake which makes exercise less tiring.

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How to use a pulse oximeter

How to use a pulse oximeter...

I found a great video on using a pulse oximeter that has good information and tips for taking accurate blood oxygen readings.

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Looking for weight loss inspiration?

Looking for weight loss inspiration?...

I found an inspirational video of ‘before and after’ weight loss photos of some very normal average people. Seeing their transformations is great motivator!

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Beat the heat in summer

Beat the heat in summer...

It’s a cold winter for us in Sydney, but I know it’s hot for those of you up in the northern hemisphere. Here are some tips to help beat the heat!

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Finding humor in overeating

Finding humor in overeating...

I thought this video was very funny and had to share it! It is a fake news report announcing the invention of a human feedbag.

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Beer belly a myth

Beer belly a myth...

Researchers set out to find if a ‘beer belly’ in some men is actually caused by drinking too much beer.

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Sleep disorder affects heartbeat

Sleep disorder affects heartbeat...

Sleep related breathing disorders in older men are associated with an increased risk of abnormal heart rhythms, a study shows.

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Link between BMI and cancer

Link between BMI and cancer...

A high BMI as a young adult can significant increase the chance of developing pancreatic cancer at an earlier age.

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New fabric tells the temperature

New fabric tells the temperature...

What a clever invention! A fabric that changes to white when body temperature gets too high. Holds potential for clothing for babies and professional sports teams.

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Abandoning healthy lifestyles

Abandoning healthy lifestyles...

More people are doing less to stay healthy than in the 1980’s according to new research. It leaves me wondering if we are on a downhill spiral.

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Irregular heartbeat linked to Alzheimer’s

Irregular heartbeat linked to Alzheimer’s...

A large study has found a strong link between an irregular heart beat which lowers blood oxygen, and the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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