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Cardiac rehab patients ‘walk often and far’

I wasn’t sure what cardiac rehab really was. I’ve learnt it’s a very important part of recovery for people who have suffered a heart attack or heart surgery.

Cardiac rehab helps to reduce the chance of a second heart attack, which is critical as the body is less likely to survive. This study showed daily walking significantly reduced the risk of a second heart attack.

Video: Cardiac Rehab

This short video is a promo for University Medical Center, Toledo. I liked the way it shows what cardiac rehab involves and why it is so important.

The cardiac rehab study

Researchers studied 74 overweight cardiac rehab patients of an average age of 64. Half were put on a high calorie burning ‘walk often and far’ exercise program and the another half put on standard cardiac rehab therapy. The walking group walked up to 60 minutes a day at a moderate pace for 6 days a week.

After 5 months patients in the high calorie burning walking group had significant improvement in 10 heart risk factors, including: insulin sensitivity, total cholesterol, blood pressure, cardio respiratory fitness and greater reduction in weight, body fat, and waist size.

The research was published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. For more information on Cardiac Rehab visit the American Heart Association website.

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