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Brown fat maintains body temperature

I didn’t know I had white fat and brown fat. Neither did scientists until three studies confirmed the same thing!

We are all born with brown fat, but it was thought to have disappeared as an adult. Babies need brown fat to regulate their body temperature, as they can not shiver. Brown fat cells are active and burn sugar to help keep newborns warm as they emerge from the womb.

Researchers now see new opportunities based on brown fat for developing weight loss treatments.

Video: Embracing the Good Fat

This news report explains why brown fat is good for us and may help us loose weight. I found the information interesting. It is a great way to understand brown and white fat!

About the brown fat study

All three studies indicate that most adults have little blobs of brown fat that burn a lot of calories when activated by the cold. For example, sitting in a room that is 61 to 66 deg F (16 to 19 deg C).

The researchers found that people who had more brown fat were:

  • Leaner and slimmer people.
  • Younger people.
  • Those with lower glucose levels.
  • Those with higher metabolic rates.
  • Women more than men.

However, people taking beta blockers to lower high blood pressure had less brown fat.

The scientists hope they may find ways to ‘turn on’ brown fat in people. This would allow them to lose weight by burning more calories. I think researchers have a long way to go, but this new information may lead to future treatments. The research was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Is the fat really brown? Yes! The fat is brown as it contains mitochondria, which is the energy factory of cells. Mitochondria contain iron, which gives the tissue a reddish brown color.

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