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Breastfeed for lower blood pressure

Source: Newswise, press release
Breastfeeding as Good for Children’s Blood Pressure as Exercise, Salt Restriction

Source: WebMD, Jennifer Warner
Breastfeeding May Lower Child’s Blood Pressure

Source: News24
Breast is best for heart

Source: Medpage Today by Katrina Woznicki
Breastfeeding May Lower Older Children’s Blood Pressure

Source: BBC
Breast milk lowers blood pressure

Our Summary

We found multiple stories this week about a report showing that breastfeeding lowers blood pressure.

From the BBC article: Researchers found it was as good for children’s blood pressure as exercise and cutting salt intake is for adults. and … The researchers said their findings suggested a direct causal link between breastfeeding and lower blood pressure in older children.

The original study is online as a pdf file (220k) [6]

For a detailed coverage of the report, see the Medpage today article.

The American heart website has a good information page on child high blood pressure

Additional Sources

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