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Diabetes may affect brain power

I definitely have forgetful days where I wonder if my brain is ’switched on’. However, that is nothing compared to the long term effects of a hypo or hypoglycemic episode.

Researchers have found that people with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes who had a hypo, had poor memory and diminished brain power. This study gives another reason to have good blood glucose control. I have reviewed many studies that show high blood glucose levels have a negative impact on the mind.

Video: A Diabetic Hypo

This fascinating video looks through the eyes of someone having a hypo attack. A scary experience, and one to avoid.

The brain power impact study

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh tracked 1,066 people with type 2 diabetes aged between 60 and 75 years old. The volunteers did seven tests on memory, logic and concentration to determine their level of brain function.

Of the 1,066 volunteers, only 113 had previously suffered from a severe hypo. A severe hypo or hypoglycemic episode occurs when blood sugar levels drop dangerously low.

The results: The 113 volunteers who had a hypo previously, scored significantly lower than the rest of the group for tests of general mental ability and vocabulary.

Lead researcher Dr Frame said, “This study reinforces previous evidence which suggests that poorly controlled diabetes affects the functioning of the brain.” The research was presented at the Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference in Glasgow.

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