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Support Forum Topic: BP Monitor?
Started by: JD
Date: February 7, 2010

Hi guys…  Newbie to the forum and also new to being diagnosed with stage 1 high blood pressure Angry… My Dr wants me to keep track of my BP and I stumbled onto your site. Anxious to start using your software but first I have to find me a good Home BP Monitoring device. Look forward to any recommendations you guys/gals can provide on a good (but not too expensive) unit… Thanks in advance,   JD


6 Responses to “BP Monitor?”

  1. Steve says:

    Hi JD,

    Personally I use an Omron monitor, and it has worked well for me for the past five years. Omron monitors are popular with the people that I speak to, and I believe that they make quality monitors.

    A good resource would be to check the Amazon reviews:

    Kellie wrote about a monitor Roundup test that was done a year or so back. You can find that at the following address:

    Once you have your monitor, the following post may be helpful to you:

    Hope this helps!

  2. Kellie says:

    Hi JD,

    Sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

    A common theme I read about is that wrist and and finger monitors can be unreliable. Stick with a self inflating arm monitor and make sure the cuff size fits your arm size.

    It is great you have decided to home monitor as it has actually been shown in studies to help control blood pressure.

    All the best! Kellie

  3. JD says:

    Thanks for the great help. I’m on a mission to learn all I can and I appreciate the help… I’ll check out the sites and then make an educated purchase. Thanks again, JD

  4. fatboy says:

    I have used an Omron HEM-773 Intellisense for several years now. Again, be sure to get one with the appropriate cuff sizing. As a construction guy (he-man!) I needed the large one which cost a little more as I recall. It has a nice memory feature that holds about a dozen readings so if short on time you can stack up a few before inputting into My Blood Pressure. It also can keep track of two individual users if your home is rife with victims.

  5. perrybucsdad says:

    I have the Microlife 3AC1-PC monitor, and it’s nice in that you can download all your information. They provide some software with the device, but the software is really anemic and has very little to offer. Does anyone know of a way to import it into MYBp without having to jump though too many hoops?

  6. Steve says:

    Hi perrybucsdad,

    If the Microlife software has a way to export the data as a CSV file, if you want, you can send me part of that file and I will see what would be involved in importing it.


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