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Blood Pressure varies throughout the day and year

Source: Foxnews (via WebMD)
Timing May Affect Blood Pressure

Source: Medical News Today
Blood pressure levels influenced by time of day and year

Source: Geisinger Health System – press release
Hour of day and time of year has significant impact on blood pressure levels, Geisinger study reveals

Our Summary

The foxnews story says that Results of blood pressure tests may vary by up to 40 percent depending when blood pressure is checked while the Medical News Today article says that The odds of measuring an elevated blood pressure can vary by as much as 40 percent depending on the time of day and time of year.

The articles report the research (Circadian and Season Changes Have a Substantial Impact On Measurement of Elevated Blood Pressure in Practice), which was presented by Cynthia Thomas at the American Society of Hypertension 20th Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Both articles report Thomas as saying: Our research shows that seasonal and hourly variations in blood pressure can be quite substantial, and should be taken seriously by healthcare professionals treating patients for hypertension .

I think anyone who regularly monitors their blood pressure is very aware of this already!

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