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Blood Pressure News Roundup

A selection of interesting articles from the press related to blood pressure for the week ending 4th December 2004.

Please note: the author is not a medical professional, but a patient with high blood pressure. Nothing on this website should be taken as medical advice, please read the full disclaimer. My personal recommendation is if you suspect you have high blood pressure, you should immediately talk to your doctor about it. I did, and they made me feel 100% better.

1/ Build Muscle to Help Blood Pressure on WebMD Health by Jeanie Lerche Davis

Comment: Maybe I should get another one of those gym subscriptions. The problem with my last subscription is that I only ended up going twice!

2/ Hypertension Control Can Save a Diabetic’s Sight on Healthscout

Comment: This article reports on a study which found that controlling hypertension can lead to fewer vision problems.

I wonder if this is general, and not just specific to diabetics. When my blood pressure was out of control, occasionally my sight got a bit blurry. When I went to hospital, I saw an opthamologist who told me that there were a few problems with my eyes, but they would go away if I got my blood pressure down.

That was good to hear!

3/ Novel Gene Transfer Prevents Hypertension-Related Enlarged Heart, Cardiac Fibrosis on Medical News Today

Comment: It is amazing what doctors can do!

a “nifty, seemingly simple idea” that turned out to produce significant results in terms of preventing enlargement and hardening of the heart associated with hypertension.

Note … it didn’t sound that simple to me!

4/ Milk protein may reduce high blood pressure on HeartCenterOnline

Comment: I have always loved milk. The article does say: ” people likely would not get the same benefits of C12 by drinking lots of milk. Dairy contains a lot of salt, which can be bad for blood pressure, he said, and people would have to consume an impossible amount” … I might give it a go anyway :)


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