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Blood Pressure News Roundup

A selection of interesting articles from the press related to blood pressure for the week ending 29th October 2004

1/ Patients need refresher on home blood pressure monitors by CBC News Online staff.

Comment: I must admit, this was all news to me. I never thought to ask my doctor(s) how to use my monitor, and I don’t recall being told. The article says that you should rest for at least two minutes … you should sit, legs uncrossed back straight … and the arm should be resting at heart level.

I will have to start resting my arm on my desk … I have been resting it on my knee.

Wow, I just took one reading with my arm hanging down and it was 120/83. I then took a reading with my arm supported at heart level and my reading was 104/75. I will have to talk to my doctor about this!

2/ Child Hypertension By KidsHealth.org on Yahoo.

Comment: An interesting article. It explains what hypertension is, including a nice explanation of the difference between the systolic and diastolic readings.

3/ Yakult to introduce blood pressure lowering drink on Nutra Ingredients.com.

Comment: I occasionally buy their little probiotic bottles. I am not sure if they make me feel any better, but at the least I feel that I am trying to do the right thing! . That said, “Good Bacteria” always seems to me to be an oxymoron. According to the article, this will contain GABA “an inhibitory neurotransmitter, is sometimes taken to enhance sleep quality” … I will keep an eye out for that!

4/ Dental student calls on dentists to take patients’ blood pressure by Sara Kellogg at University of Michigan .

Comment: Another good reason to avoid the dentist (only joking!)


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