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Blood Pressure News Roundup

A selection of interesting articles from the press related to blood pressure for the week ending 22nd October 2004

1/ High Blood Pressure May Be Set Early in Life By Amy Norton on Reuters.

Comment: This article talks about a study which shows that smoking during pregnacy and breastfeeding appears to affect the chances of high blood pressure. Personally I get 2 ticks towards having high blood pressure. That said, I am quiet sure things that I have done have contributed far more to having high blood pressure than things my mother did or did not do.

2/ The medicine of Tibet has become highly successful in treating heart, hypertension and blood diseases on Pravda.

Comment: This article starts “The medicine of Tibet used to belong to a very narrow circle of sorcerers and lamas, who created their potions reading mantras and ancient charms.” … who could argue with that!

3/ Self monitoring of blood pressure at home on British Medical Journal.

Comment: I like this article! It basically says that home monitoring is a good idea, because more readings are taken, there is no white coat effect, you are in your natural environment when the readings are taken, and we become more involved with our own care. This is all very true for me personally, especially the white coat effect (which I get big time).

4/ Millions unaware of high blood pressure risk on Onlypunjab.com.

Comment: This article reports on a study done by a UK pharmacy chain. The headline sounds a bit alarmist, but on the other hand, until earlier this year I had no idea that I had hypertension … and for that matter, I had no idea that hypertension could make you feel so unwell.

5/ Hypertension Sunday on The Herald- Dispatch.

Comment: A group of med students teaching people about high blood pressure during sunday church.

6/ Blood Pressure Drug Helps Fight Heart Failure By Ed Edelson on Forbes.

Comment: The drug is candesartan (Atacand), a angiotensin II blocker. I take an ACE inhibitor … I wonder if it is the same thing?

7/ Garlic Consumption Appears to Reduce Blood Pressure By Ed Susman on Doctors Guide.

Comment: Great news … do I now have an excuse to eat lots of garlic bread?! Sorry for my bad breath, but it’s doctors orders!


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