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Blood Pressure News Roundup

A selection of interesting articles from the press related to blood pressure for the week ending 15th October 2004

1/ High Blood Pressure Harms Young Adult Brains by Miranda Hitti on WebMD Health. (Warning: may have popups).

Comment: This is an article which describes a study which found that higher blood pressure leads to reduction in some brain functions. So that explains it! They found that the ability to react to new information was affected, but not verbal, memory, and speed abilities. I remember when I used to have headaches, I was not very interested in any “new information”.

2/ Low-salt diet keeps arteries flexible in people with difficult-to-control high blood pressure on Medical News Today.

Comment: Fortunately I have never added salt to my food so I don’t miss salt. My father on the other hand, who also has high blood pressure, eats more salt than food at most meals. I will have to show him this article.

3/ Beta Blockers Build Stronger Bones on Medicinenet.

Comment: This is good news for me … nothing like a positive side effect. I take a beta blocker, and I was told I had lowish bone density.

4/ High Blood Pressure Dulls Emotions on Medicinenet.

Comment: This is a summary of a study in Psychosomatic Medicine. Not sure what I think about this one … I have not personally noticed any widening of my emotions since having lower blood pressure. It also mentions that there was a study showing that higher blood pressure reduces pain sensitivty. This does make sense to me … after putting up with permanent headaches, nothing else hurts!

5/ Handgrip Exercises May Lower Blood Pressure By Miranda Hitti on WebMD Medical News

Comment: What on earth made them think to study this! . I have a couple of those handgrip things packed away somewhere … maybe I should dig them out and give them a go. 10 years ago I used them for a while. I can remember using them for a couple of minutes and feeling like someone had poured cement into my forearms.

6/ Blood Pressure Drug May Slow Alzheimer’s By Salynn Boyles on WebMD Medical News

Comment: Another positive side effect!, this time for ACE inhibitors … which I also take ( I wonder if mine is a “brain penetration one”?). One less thing to worry about.

7/ Interactive Breathing Device Found Effective in Lowering High Systolic Blood Pressure on BUSINESS WIRE

Review: They say here that fewer than 1 in 3 Americans have their blood pressure under control !?? It doesn’t actually describe the machine, but it sounds like something that helps you to breath more slowly. Breathing slowly always helps me to feel better.

8/ Patent Expiry of Pfizer’s Norvasc Will Constrain the Hypertension Drug Market on Yahoo Finance

Comment: More good news for me … I also take Norvasc. How can the introduction of generics “constrain” the hypertension market?? It might constrain their profits, but I am sure they will find something else to make money on.


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