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Support Forum Topic: Blood pressure and temperature
Started by: Pete
Date: August 4, 2011

Temperature additional catagory in My Blood Pressure software:

Adding the temperature function to the existing software such as my blood pressure would be great added value and functionality for much of the *MY* series. Having temperature as a standalone program is a bit uneccesary and expensive. Temperature as an indicator of thyroid/adrenal issues should always be done in conjunction with pulse, BP etc.

To be fair it seems it should be part of what we already have as an overall package, and it would be such a small recode to arrange this extra catagory.

I don’t suppose you sell many of these so perhaps you could consider adding extra value to the other programs that could utilise it properly?



3 Responses to “Blood pressure and temperature”

  1. Steve says:

    Hi Pete,

    You can add your own categories for temperature (or for anything else for that matter).

    To do this go to the category page by clicking on the “Study readings…” task, and then click on the “Categories” tab.

    To add a new category click on the “Add new category…” task.

    If you are adding a set of categories where it only makes sense for one of the categories to be selected at a time, then give all the categories the same prefix.

    For your case, your category labels could be:

    temp-Temperature high
    temp-Temperature medium
    temp-Temperature low
    temp-Temperature very low

    The “temp-” prefix is not displayed anywhere … it just tells the program that only one of those categories should be selected at one time.

    Hope this helps!
    My Health Software support

    • Pete says:

      Thanks Steve, That does not quite work too well though does it? What I mean is the facility to go to *Enter Reading* and along with BP/Pulse this would also allow a temperature reading. This in turn would mean that reading would show up in the charts/averages etc as normal. If you just add a catagory it’s quite long winded to enter the data and even more long winded to make use of it. Almost as long winded as having to use a separate program, lovely as it is of course :)

      Or am I missing something?


  2. Steve says:

    Hi Pete,

    My apologies, I thought your question was about adding categories to track temperature when taking a blood pressure reading.

    If you want to record the actual temperature number, then the best way to do it would be to put it in the notes area of the reading.

    The advantage of using categories is that it gives you the opportunity to analyze the relationship between temperature (or whatever your categories are) and blood pressure. For example My Blood Pressure will then automatically calculate averages of your blood pressure readings. You could also create a custom chart and overlay the blood pressure readings taken with “Temperature high” and “Temperature low” for example.

    When we first started working on version 3 of My Blood Pressure, we did a quick survey of the users at that time asking what else they would like the software to track. There were over 30 different things that people suggested … the most common being weight and blood sugar, but it also include things like altitude and temperature etc.

    I know this isn’t what you want the program to do, but while you may want to track temperature directly, most people will not. Expanding what My Blood Pressure could track would turn it from a program that is simple to use, into one that would have been very complex. Instead we created separate programs (which could chart each other’s data series using the “Custom charts”) and implement the category system.

    My Health Software support

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