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Keeping a blood glucose log

Using My Blood Glucose is an easy way to keep a blood glucose log and keep track of your blood glucose levels.

Try our award winning software for free for 15 days and discover how My Blood Glucose can make keeping a blood glucose log fun. Your doctor will love the reports you print too!

My Blood Glucose software

My Blood Glucose will record and chart your blood glucose readings to help you track your blood glucose levels, so you and your doctor can see what affects your blood glucose.

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When you use My Blood Glucose software to keep a log, it will:

  • Remind you to take a blood glucose reading
  • Record and chart your readings
  • Print a report to take to your doctor

My Blood Glucose software can be used with any blood glucose monitoring device and is suitable for people with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes or those at risk of diabetes.

You will not need to enter in complex diet details, but can track diet and medication changes, exercise, stress and other factors that affect your blood glucose levels, if you wish.

Keeping a log of your blood glucose levels will make it easier to see trends in blood glucose and events that impact your blood glucose.

Try or purchase My Blood Glucose

We offer a free trial of My Blood Glucose software for 15 days so you can start logging your blood glucose readings now. You can also purchase My Blood Glucose with immediate email delivery for only US$29.95.

We also offer an Archive CD for US$9.95, and a 1 year subscription to an Online Locker Backup for US$9.95, so you never lose your readings!

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I hope My Blood Glucose will help you manage your blood glucose levels!

Please don’t hesitate to email me at email support
kellie@my-blood-glucose.com if you have any questions or feedback for me. Thanks! Kellie


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She helps on the websites and gathering news for the programs. Kellie worked in the medical industry prior to having her two children (8 and 6) and has a strong interest in self awareness and management of health conditions.