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Beautiful women in magazines are fake

I don’t buy magazines, they cost a lot and cluster up the house. I do tend to flick through the fashion magazines while wasting time in the supermarket queue though. :)

I always figured that the pictures of glamorous women in magazines had been ‘altered’ a bit. No one is that perfect after all!

What I didn’t know was how much they change a person to fit the ‘perfect’ image. Yes, the pictures of beautiful women in magazines are often fake. Watch how they do it in this wonderful Dove advertisement.

I found this Dove advertisement fascinating as it takes a normal looking woman and between make-up and computer skills produce a photo to place on a billboard that is a ‘fake’ image. Personally, I thought she looked great in the before picture!

Dove Evolution video

This is a great video everyone should watch. It shows that the pictures of beautiful women are not always real. Thank you to Dove and director Tim Piper for use of the video and embarking on this reality campaign to present a realistic view of body image.

Body image

It’s pretty normal for children, teens and adult to look up to and aspire to the images portrayed by the movies stars in magazines and on the big screen. 

But what about when those pictures are actually not real! Where does that leave normal people? 

Many people suggest that it damages self esteem, especially of young girls who can not compete with images of women who have had makeup and Photo shop photography done to the extent that they no longer look like a ‘real’ person.

My thoughts and your thoughts

As a Mum of a young girl and boy it is important to me that I minimize the exposure to these ‘fake’ images.

I also explain to my children that these are not really real people and that they are not going to meet people ever that look like that. I just don’t want those images to be what they aspire to be. I love this Dove ad for showing the behind the scenes!

Were you also surprised by the Dove ad? Do you try to shelter yourself, your children or grandchildren from unrealistic images? Or do you just ignore it?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.


5 Responses to “Beautiful women in magazines are fake”

  1. Steve says:

    Interesting article, especially the video. I was definitely surprised at how different the finished picture looked. I thought that when they did the touchups with photoshop, only small changes were made. Good to see!

  2. KellieMyHS says:

    I wrote this a while back and remember being shocked at all they did to ‘create’ the perfect woman. :)
    I showed this to my children (aged 9 & 7) who thought it was amazing.

    An eye opener for all of us!

  3. NotThePest says:

    I think the best way to help our kids avoid falling into the “fake” beauty and body image trap is for their parents and caregivers to lavish unconditional love and acceptance. However, we must not confuse lack of discipline with love.

    • KellieMyHS says:

      So true! I also try to focus on our bodies being for practical use rather than for looks and image.

      For example, we walk to school each day which I tell my children helps to build our ‘good strong legs’. I focus in on the good health that comes from a healthy diet and exercise rather than ‘being skinny and beautiful’.

  4. Helen says:

    A very interesting video. I think we all know that photos are enhanced but this shows by how much. Teenagers often have a low self esteem and fake photos like this does not help.

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