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Maths skills important to diabetics

Maths skills important to diabetics...

Posted by KellieMyHS in Diabetes News, Kellie's blog on October 21, 2009 | no responses | permalink

What does maths have to do with diabetes? A study shows that managing diabetes is connected with the ability to work with numbers.

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Didgeridoo helps sleep apnea

Didgeridoo helps sleep apnea...

Playing the didgeridoo or doing similar mouth exercises has been shown to significantly reduce sleep apnea. See how the didgeridoo is played.

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Fructose linked to high blood pressure

Fructose linked to high blood pressure...

One of two new studies have provided the first evidence that high fructose corn syrup increases blood pressure. Watch what soda is doing to your blood pressure and body.

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Hot hands reflect your waist line

Hot hands reflect your waist line...

We all know the phrase “cold hands, warm heart”. Researchers have found a link between hot hands and excess weight which says, “warm hands, big waist”.

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Weight loss and sleep apnea

Weight loss and sleep apnea...

Sleep apnea is not just loud snoring! It can lead to high blood pressure and stroke. A study set out to prove whether losing weight can actually get rid of sleep apnea.

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Does weather affect asthma?

Does weather affect asthma?...

Posted by KellieMyHS in Asthma News, Kellie's blog on October 10, 2009 | one response | permalink

It has always been assumed that changes in weather can cause asthma flare-ups. Now a study has shown what weather changes do make a difference.

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What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?...

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been growing in popularity and is being hailed by some as a treatment for many diseases.

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How to deal with cravings

How to deal with cravings...

Posted by KellieMyHS in Diabetes News, Kellie's blog on October 6, 2009 | no responses | permalink

I find late afternoons the hardest to resist chocolate and sweets. This video gave me great ideas on how to deal with my cravings.

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Air pollution ups blood pressure

Air pollution ups blood pressure...

Air pollution can increase blood pressure to an extent that researchers say the increase could trigger a heart attack or stroke.

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Confusion over serving size

Confusion over serving size...

I laughed at this video! It shows how easily food labeling can trick us into believing a food is better for us than it is. A real eye opener.

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Video explains Coumadin

Video explains Coumadin...

Posted by KellieMyHS in INR News, Kellie's blog on September 30, 2009 | no responses | permalink

A pharmacist explains in a short video how Coumadin works, why doctors prescribe this blood thinner, and common side effects.

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Don’t pass the salt please!

Don’t pass the salt please!...

I found a great video which gives tips for choosing low salt and low sodium foods at your supermarket.

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How to start exercising

How to start exercising...

Posted by KellieMyHS in Kellie's blog, Other Health News on September 26, 2009 | no responses | permalink

Exercising can seem overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. I found a video that shows great exercises you can do at home which will get you started.

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Choosing healthy snacks

Choosing healthy snacks...

Posted by KellieMyHS in Diabetes News, Kellie's blog on September 25, 2009 | no responses | permalink

It’s important to eat snacks to keep your blood glucose levels up and give you energy. This video has some great healthy snack choices to consider.

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Meal timing affects weight

Meal timing affects weight...

Posted by KellieMyHS in Kellie's blog, Other Health News on September 22, 2009 | one response | permalink

Don’t eat when you should be asleep! A high-fat diet eaten during the sleepier time of the daily cycle increases your weight significantly compared to the same diet during awake times.

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