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Taking aspirin in the evenings may help hypertension

Source: WebMD
High Blood Pressure: Nightly Aspirin May Help

A Spanish study reported in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed taking aspirin at night instead of the morning may help to reduce blood pressure.

The study included 328 people who suffered high blood pressure and who were not being treated with blood pressure medication. Their blood pressure was within 140-159 systolic and 90-99 diastolic range.

Ramon Hermida, PhD from the University of Vigo monitored the blood pressure of the patients for a 3 month period. Some received no aspirin; some took 100mg of aspirin in the morning; and some took 100mg of aspirin at night time.

Further studies are definitely needed before the researchers can make any recommendations, however the results were quite significant for those who took the aspirin at night.

The patients who took aspirin in the evenings saw an average reduction in their blood pressure of 6.8 systolic points and 1.6 diastolic points. This big drop in blood pressure in only a 3 month period has raised a lot of interest from scientists who will no doubt investigate the issue further.

It seems there are a few benefits to taking Asprin, for more information see the following articles:

Might need to change that old saying to “An Asprin a day keeps the doctor away!”


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