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Adolescent girls manage stress better

Source: Medical News Today
Teenage Girls Found to Have Heart Protection Against Stress

Our Summary

Adolescent girls have been found to maintain lower blood pressure in stressful situations. In the study released at ISHIB2005 (The International Society on Hypertension in Blacks) by a team of Georgian researchers teenage boys and girls were tested before and after taking part in a stressful video game. The teenage girls displayed less of an increase in systolic blood pressure than the boys.

Dr. Gaston Kapuku, of the Medical College of Georgia said in a statement. “Our findings indicate that females are protected against the effects of stress as demonstrated by their ability to maintain lower blood pressure.

Medical News Today reports; “By understanding the mechanisms that prevent excessive blood pressure increase as shown by this study, the researchers hope to develop solutions for preventing cardiovascular damages resulting from stress.

It seems that researchers will be keen to discover this heart health mystery of teenage girls.

Watch out for those computer games I hear the latest Doom/Sims can be very stressful!

Additional Sources

Source: Yahoo News
Teen girls have healthier stress response than boys

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