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Support Forum Topic: Adding multiple readings to a category … sitting/sitting
Started by: Steve (My Health Software Support)
Date: October 26, 2010

I received this question by email:

> Hi — my doctor has asked me to start monitoring bp both sitting
> and sitting . All my readings to date have been sitting, and I’d
> like to add that category to them. Is there a way to edit all
> and add that category

Yes, to do this, firstly switch to the list of readings by clicking on the “View readings” task.

Then you want to select all the readings you want to add to the category. To do this, click on the first reading to select it, then while holding the “Shift” key down, click on the last reading. This should select all the readings between the first and last. (You can also click on individual readings while holding down the “Control” key to toggle them in and out of the selection.)

Once you have selected all the readings you want added to the category, right-click on the selection to display the pop-up/context menu, then click on “Categories”, then “Add to Categories”, then select the sitting category.

This should then add all the selected readings to the category.


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