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Taking Blood Pressure Medication?

The American Heart Association website states, “Monitoring at home will help you measure your true blood pressure and can provide your doctor with a log of blood pressure measurements over time. This is helpful in diagnosing and preventing potential health problems.

In fact, studies have shown home monitoring and tracking of blood pressure can actually improve blood pressure levels. (See here for clinical studies).

My Medication Story

My brother Steve, was on high levels of blood pressure medication when he
was first diagnosed with hypertension in 2004 with a reading of over

Steve was taking; an ACE inhibitor (Coversyl), a calcium channel blocker
(like Diltiazem), a vasodilator (Hydralazine) and a beta blocker (like Lopressor) to reduce his blood pressure.

Since 2004, his doctor has made a number of changes to the medications that Steve is taking. Steve monitors his blood pressure closely after the medication changes. He and his doctor could see from his home monitor readings, that the reduced medication was not causing his blood pressure to go back up. Steve’s blood pressure is now a healthy 115/75! (Click here to see Steve’s chart)

Tracking your medications success

Home monitoring of blood pressure will allow you and your doctor to determine whether your medication is effective and will also alert you to changing trends in your blood pressure.

The first step towards monitoring your blood pressure is to buy or borrow a blood pressure home monitor. The price of home blood pressure monitors has dropped over the past couple of years, and they are now very affordable. Most drug stores/pharmacies sell a range of monitors, and they are also available from online stores such as Amazon.

To track your blood pressure you can use specialized software, such as My Blood Pressure, in order to keep accurate records.
The My Blood Pressure Software will help you to track the results of your home monitor. It will print out a customized report of your blood pressure, to take along to your Doctors visits. Below is a sample of the report that you will be able to view and print.

Report of blood pressure readings
Click here to enlarge

If you would like to try recording your blood pressure for free for 15 days. see the Download page for step by step instructions.

My Blood Pressure Software

Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP

My Blood Pressure is software for Windows that records, charts and prints reports of your blood pressure readings.

  • Reminds you to take a blood pressure reading.
  • Record and chart readings from your monitor.
  • Print a report for your doctor.
  • For Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista.
  • Free trial, $19.95 to buy.



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