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Charting Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure levels change throughout the day and are affected by caffeine, exercise … even having a full bladder! A one off reading is not a true picture of your blood pressure.

Taking and charting one or two readings a day, over a period of time, will offer a more accurate picture of blood pressure. The easiest way is with a home blood pressure monitor.

When you can supply detailed and accurate information, your Doctor will be able to assist in lowering your blood pressure through diet, lifestyle and medication. It will also alert you to any sudden increases in blood pressure that may endanger your health.

In addition, research shows that regular monitoring of blood pressure with a home monitor can actually reduce blood pressure. (see here for clinical studies)

How My Blood Pressure Software will help you chart?

My Blood Pressure Software was designed by Steve Alan, a hypertension sufferer, to record and graph his own blood pressure readings. Steve found he would loose bits of paper with his readings on it. So, he created the program to record the readings. He also designed it to conveniently remind him to take a reading.

My Blood Pressure also allows you to print out a copy of your customized report and take it along to your Doctors visits.

You can give it a try yourself for free! Download a 15 day free trial here.

Below is a screenshot of the report that you will be able to view and print:

Report of blood pressure readings
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My Blood Pressure Software

Windows 7, Vista XP

My Blood Pressure is software for Windows that records, charts and prints reports of your blood pressure readings.

  • Reminds you to take a blood pressure reading.
  • Record and chart readings from your monitor.
  • Print a report for your doctor.
  • For Windows 7, Vista and XP.
  • Free trial, $29.95 for instant download, or $39.95 for a CD with bonus content.

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About Kellie

Kellie is 37 years old and together with her brother Steve makes up the My Health Software team.

She helps on the websites and gathering news for the programs. Kellie worked in the medical industry prior to having her two children (8 and 6) and has a strong interest in self awareness and management of health conditions.