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Testimonials about out software

“You’ve done a great work with the averages feature. My doctor is going to be impressed when I give him the averages. Thanks for doing the averages and the other features. I’m sure that many others with high blood pressure will benefit from your work.”

Steve Condry, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

“I really like your product.  It’s been very helpful for me to keep track of my blood pressure and actually makes it fun instead of tedious.  My doctor loves the reports.  So do I.”

Pat Parisi, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I’ve been using version 2 for a few days now. I really like the new printing options. Great Job !!! And the average readings is really really nice. Now that I’m more familiar with all of the features I would recommend My Blood Pressure to anyone keeping track of their BP. I plan to show the printed charts and average reading tables to my doctor on my next appointment. I know he’ll be impressed.”

Joe Butryn, Redondo Beach, California, USA

“Will mention this program to my Doctor whom I will see tomorrow, going to print a page or two for her to see.  She hands out little write down cards to keep track of BP on.  This program beats that hands down. “

Bryon Best, McCook, Nebraska, USA

“To my opinion your v2 is great and running stable without any problems. The 12 / 24 Hour Switch is working perfectly and the “create Webpage report ” is a great idea. I`m collecting my data now since approximately 3 weeks with the purchased version and its amazing to see those ups and downs on my Blood pressure in a graphical history”

Michael Stichel, Stuttgart, Germany

“Many congratulations on something that I think will be very useful … I warmly appreciate the speed with which you responded to my request. … Feel free to use my name on your testimonials site. The software is working fine and dandy.”

Peter Green, Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

“… I got it printed just in time to leave for the Dr.  Those guys are pretty busy and he never says a whole lot…….except business stuff, but I could tell he was impressed.  Thanks a million for your attention and prompt reply”


“Thanks for such a good and simple program.  The doctors and nurses have been highly impressed.”

Randy and Judy Atkins, Midlothian, Virginia, USA

“Would like to comment that this program has made me focus on not only blood pressure and heart rate but made me cognizant of my general health and well-being. It’s a great tool.”

J.S., Austin, Texas, USA

“Your program is nice & easy to work with, keep up the good work! …  I meant what I said, your stuff is very user frendly! Too bad everything out there is not as good and easy to use as your program….and the price is juuust right!”

Aldo Mosti, Fresno, Texas, USA

“I wish all email purchases could be dealt with so courteously and helpfully – I’ll recommend the site to any of my friends/family who might benefit from the monitoring programme that you provide … Having used the programme for a while now, I have had occasion to show it to my GP (MD). He was quite impressed with the functionality of it.”

Leslie Reed, London, United Kingdom

“I have been very pleased with the latest changes and my doctor has made a note of your site, could be another sell! He is so impressed and now keeps my readouts and charts with my medical records. Thanks for a great programme.”

Andrew Chappell, Dorset, United Kingdom

“You have a great product, and your customer service and professionalism are deeply appreciated by me.  Your program really makes staying healthy fun!”

Donald A. James, Commerce City, Colorado, USA

“This is a great program. It monitors myself & my husband. It can be printed off to take to our doctor. He also liked it. I have to take mine everyday & when I see him he gets the whole report. This way it saves time trying to find a pen when you need one. This program  is quick & easy to use.”

Carol Wright, Belleville, Ontario, Canada

“To Whom It May Concern, I really like your My Blood Pressure program. I recently started monitoring my blood pressure per my doctors instructions and your program has been very helpful to me. I particularly like the reminder feature.”

Ken Neighbors, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

“I think your software is delightfully compact, lucid and attractive and the online tutorial makes everything as clear as it possibly could be.”

Ian Ross, Renfrewshire, United Kingdom

“I have been using your software for seven weeks now and love it. Now I never forget to take my reading at home thanks to your software reminder.  I have been using and working on PC’s for 22 years now and I consider your software to be one of the top 3 programs I have ever used.”

David Larson, Fargo, North Dakota

“I have to commend you for making this nice little program available at moderate cost. It will be very helpful to me making a record that my doctor can easily read.”

T.S., Kirkwood, MO, USA

“I bought your program today and liked it so much that I’d send you a short  mention of thanks for an excellent program…and very reasonably priced. So much easier than jotting my readings down on a piece of paper, and the reminder and charts are very useful.”

Malcolm Sellars, Currumbin, QLD, Australia

“Your blood pressure program is absolutely wonderful, I even printed out my readings and gave them to my Dr. when I went in, and he asked for the website, so he can let people know about it. He said it was one of the best programs he has ever seen. He was very impressed.”

Kathleen Copass, Lompoc, CA, United States

“Hey folks this program is absolutely excellent. I could not believe the attention to detail and ease of use. This will be simply excellent to use with my Omron BP monitor to chart my BP and I am sure it will raise my doctors eyebrows. I was so lucky to stumble across it using Google. Cannot compliment you enough guys. SUPERB!”

Stefan J Clarkson, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

“I ordered the Blood Pressure program about 2 months ago, this is a wonderful program. I have used it continually since I got it and the printouts to the doctor mean so much. Thanks again.”

Roy Aycock, Clayton, NC, U.S.A.

“After months of using my own amateur version of a blood pressure chart to show to my doctor, I came across the My Blood Pressure program. It is
exactly what I was looking for and I tested the trial version thoroughly before buying it. It now means that the chart that I show to my doctor every six months has fuller information on it and has a distinctly professional look about it. Steve Allan, the software developer, has thought out all the permutations. The program is intuitive and user friendly and I have no hesitation in recommending it. Oh, and the price is a bargain!”

Dr Nicholas M Keegan BA (Hons), Durham, UK.