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My Health Software is a software company that creates software to help people self manage and monitor their health.

Home monitoring increases self awareness. Numerous studies have found health benefits from this heightened self awareness that home monitoring provides.

Our software

All our software is designed from the start to be easy to use. We have a wide range of users from young people to seniors. We use clear, step by step instructions, and provide prompt support if you have any problems installing or using our software.

All our programs can be installed for free, and trialled for 15 days. For more information about our programs, please see our products page.

Our history

Steve Alan initially wrote the My Blood Pressure software to chart and record his blood pressure readings, after being diagnosed with high blood pressure in 2004. The website was setup and was home to My Blood Pressure for over 5 years.

Steve found the software helpful for reminding him to take a reading (it is easy to forget!), but also gave him a greater awareness of his blood pressure levels and what affected them. Steve’s doctor was impressed with the report and was able to adjust and reduce his medication based on Steve’s true blood pressure readings taken at home.

In 2005 Steve’s sister Kellie, a full time mum, started working part-time for the company on the websites, news and marketing.

In 2006 the My Peak Flow software was released to record and chart peak flow readings. Its original home was the website.

In 2008, six new programs were released; My Blood Glucose, My Blood Oxygen, My Weight Software, My Cholesterol, My Body Temperature, and My INR. Each of these programs initially had their own website.

In 2009, we decided to combine all our individual websites into one … … this website. We hope this will make our website easier to use and find!