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My Weight Software Information

My Weight Software is Windows Software that tracks and charts body weight and waist measurements

What does My Weight Software do?

1. Reminds you to weigh yourself and measure your waist

Decide when and how often you want to weight yourself and measure your waist. My Weight Software will remind you with an alert in your computer’s System Tray.

2. Record and chart your weight and waist numbers

Enter your weight and optionally your waist into My Weight Software. Quicker than using pen and paper! (and you won’t lose it!) It will automatically record the date and time for you. If you wish you can add extra information. For example, started a new diet, changed medication or unwell. Add anything that is relevant to your weight into My Weight Software.

3. Create a personalised weight loss chart

Create a personalised chart with your weight and waist measurements and your target weight. A great visual tool for you to see the progress you are making.

Achieving your goals with My Weight Software

My Weight Software can be used with any diet or weight loss regime.

So, if you are counting carbohydrates, fat, calories or keeping a food diary My Weight Software will help you loose the weight you want to.

My Weight Software will keep you motivated.

Charting your progress and comparing it to you target weight is a motivating and exciting way to track your goals. You can also print out your chart to present information to your doctor or health clinician to highlight your progress.

My Weight Software will show you how to loose weight.

My Weight Software will help you determine your target weight for a date in the future. It will chart for you how much weight to loose (and how!) each week to get to the target. So, if you need to wear an outfit for a party coming up, My Weight Software will show you how to get there.

Tracking your waist measurement.

The size of a person’s waist or waist circumference is an indicator of overall health. Excess abdominal weight is a risk factor for developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other obesity related diseases. It is suggested to record and chart waist measurement in addition to weight.

Charting and tracking your waist line is as important as your weight loss, and My Weight Software will track them both to achieve your target weight and a healthy you!