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My INR Software Information

My INR Software is software for Windows that records your INR readings from any home monitoring INR device.

My INR will record, chart and print reports of your INR readings and warfarin dosage. My INR helps to keep accurate records of your INR readings and warfarin dosage for improved anticoagulation monitoring and communication with your doctor or clinic.

What My INR does

1. My INR will remind you to take an INR reading

My INR runs in your computer’s System Tray area and reminds you to take an INR reading at a set time each day, or a number of times throughout the day. You and your doctor can decide the times and frequency of reminders to take an INR reading and My INR will remind you.

2. Record and chart your INR readings

Good record keeping is important for anticoagulant management. Enter the INR reading from your home INR monitoring device and your warfarin dosage. It is quicker than using paper and pen! My INR Software will automatically enter the current date and time and displays your previous readings. If you wish, record additional notes and events such as, changes in diet, exercise and medication that may affect your INR levels. You can also go back and edit readings and notes already entered.

3. Print a professional report

My INR Software will print a professional report containing a chart and table of your anticoagulation history for your doctor or clinic. You can also email the report, or save it to your hard drive.

My INR will chart and analyze your INR readings and additional information to help track and anticipate any changes. Create customised averages and percentage charts to further analyze and understand your readings and what affects them.

If you would more information on home monitoring of INR please visit the INR home monitoring page.