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My INR Software is Windows software that records and charts your Prothrombin Time/International Normalized Ratio (INR) readings and medication dosage.

My INR Software will record, chart, print and email reports of your INR readings and warfarin dosage. It can be used for home anticoagulation monitoring and communication with your doctor. My INR software can be used with any home monitoring INR device. It is a tool to help you track and self manage your blood coagulation health.

Get started by downloading a free 15 day trial or purchase the software, delivered immediately by email, for $29.95.

About My INR

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1. My INR will remind you to take an INR reading – you choose when to take a reading and My INR will remind you with an alert in your computer’s system tray.

2. My INR will record your INR reading and warfarin dosage – enter your reading and My INR will record the date and time. It’s easier than pen and paper! You may also enter extra information that affects your INR such as; changes in diet and medication.

3. My INR will chart and analyze your readings and information – you can view customised averages and percentages charts to help you and your doctor analyze your blood coagulation health.

4. My INR will print a professional report – a great tool to communicate with your doctor or coagulation clinic.

Tracking your INR

Accurate record keeping is an essential part of managing anticoagulation and staying in your target zone. My INR Software will help keep good records when using a home monitoring INR device. It will also record your warfarin medication dosage. You can record any relevant information, such as changes in medications, diet, exercise or sickness or stress. You can then print a professional report to take to your doctor or clinic.

Tracking your INR and warfarin history will help you and your doctor manage your health.