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My Cholesterol Software Information

My Cholesterol is Windows Software that records and charts your cholesterol levels

About My Cholesterol software

My Cholesterol is Windows software that can be used on any modern computer. It can be used with any home cholesterol testing kit or pathology lab blood cholesterol results.

My Cholesterol Software is software that records and charts your cholesterol levels to help reduce and manage your cholesterol.

It will also print reports of your cholesterol levels to share the information with your doctor.

How My Cholesterol Software works

Step 1. Set a reminder to enter your cholesterol results

Choose the time and how often you want to be reminded to take a cholesterol reading. My Cholesterol software will then alert you and place a reminder in your computer’s System Tray.

Step 2. Enter your cholesterol reading

View your readings from your home cholesterol monitoring device or lab results and enter in your cholesterol levels. You can enter; HDL’s, LDL’s, Triglycerides and/or total cholesterol. At this point you can enter any additional relevant information. For example, foods eaten, diet changes, exercise and medication changes. Readings can be edited and changed at any time if you wish to add further information later on.

Step 3. View your cholesterol chart

View a chart of your cholesterol levels and additional information. You can create a customised chart to display the information you wish to see at a glance, including averages and percentage charts.

Step 4. Print your cholesterol report

Print a customized report with a chart and cholesterol readings and additional information. You can then take your printed report or email it to your doctor. It is a good way for you and your doctor to see your progress towards reaching your cholesterol target.

For more information on monitoring of cholesterol visit the cholesterol monitoring page.