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My Cholesterol

My Cholesterol is Windows Software that tracks and charts your HDL, LDL and triglyceride cholesterol results.

You can try My Cholesterol software for free for 15 days! Download our free 15 day trial or purchase My Cholesterol for US$29.95. We hope My Cholesterol will help you to track and manage your cholesterol levels for a healthy heart!

What does My Cholesterol software do?

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  • Remind you to test your cholesterol
  • Record and chart your HDL’s, LDL’s and triglycerides
  • Print a professional report of your cholesterol health

Why Chart Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is made by the body and is essential for good health.

However, too much cholesterol in the body, through a diet high in cholesterol rich foods, can lead to heart disease. Monitoring cholesterol levels helps to keep cholesterol at healthy levels. My Cholesterol software can be used with any home monitoring cholesterol device or with blood pathology laboratory results that your doctor requests.

Charting your cholesterol will increase your awareness.

Determine what affects your cholesterol levels by tracking your progress as you reduce your cholesterol. My Cholesterol software will help you determine what affects your cholesterol levels, such as changes in diet or medication and exercise levels. My Cholesterol will track these events in your life and the impact they have on your cholesterol.