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My Body Temperature Information

My Body Temperature is software for Windows that records, charts and prints reports of your body temperature readings.

My Body Temperature is software for Windows that will run on any modern computer and be used with any accurate thermometer. Monitoring and charting your body temperature My Body Temperature is easy and will provide you and your doctor a clearer picture of your overall health.

About My Body Temperature

1) My Body Temperature will remind you to take a temperature reading

You can decide on the day and time to take your temperature. My Body Temperature software runs in your computer’s System Tray and alerts you to take your temperature. You decide on the times and frequency of reminders.

2) Record and chart your temperature readings

Simply enter in the temperature reading from your thermometer. It is quicker than paper and pen! My Body Temperature will automatically enter the current date and time and display your previous readings. You can also enter additional notes and events that may affect your body temperature so that you can track them. For example, changes in diet, weather, illness, and medication. My Body Temperature can then chart and analyze the readings taken.

3) Printing a professional report

My Body Temperature can print a professional report containing a chart and table of your body temperature history for you and your doctor. The report gives a visual picture of your body temperature health and what affects it.

A wide variance or abnormal body temperature can reflect many things about your health. Body temperature is an indicator of hormone and metabolic disorders and overall health.

Whatever the reason you need to record and chart your body temperature, My Body Temperature software will make it easy. Tracking your temperature will create your own temperature chart to build self awareness of your body’s normal body temperature.