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My Body Temperature

My Body Temperature is software that records and charts your body temperature readings.

A wide variance or abnormal body temperature can reflect many things about your health. Body temperature is an indicator of hormone and metabolic disorders and overall health.

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What is My Body Temperature software?

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My Body Temperature is Windows software that will …

  • Remind you to take your temperature.
  • Record and chart your body temperature health.
  • Print a professional report for you and your doctor.

Why track your body temperature?

Tracking your temperature and creating your own temperature chart will build self awareness of your body’s normal body temperature. My Body Temperature will help you to recognise the signs and symptoms when your body is in poorer health.

Recording and charting body temperature can help you to diagnose and manage your health. There are a number of reasons why you may wish to track your body temperature, which include;

  • Managing a thyroid disorder – especially hypothyroidism, low thyroid levels which result in low body temperatures.
  • Managing your metabolic system and overall health – low body temperature is often an indicator of a low metabolism.
  • Managing reactions to external stresses – body temperature can indicate how you react to some foods, drinks, stress, caffeine and medication.
  • Managing fever or illness – tracking temperature during illness or fever provides valuable diagnostic information to you and your doctor.
  • Managing female fertility – charting body temperature is a useful tool for women wishing to fall or avoid pregnancy.

If you are interested in your health, managing a medical condition or your fertility, My Body Temperature will help to provide a clearer picture. My Body Temperature will allow you to chart your body temperature in order to take the information to your doctor for analysis and treatment All you need is any accurate thermometer.

We hope My Body Temperature will help manage your health!

Thanks! Kellie and Steve (My Health Software team)