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Latest Version

Latest Version: v3.1 released 12th January 2010.

All upgrades and new versions can be downloaded for free by registered users.

Upgrade Instructions

Follow these steps to upgrade My Blood Pressure to the latest version.

Step 1 … Before you install the new version, it is recommended that you make a backup of your data folder. If you have a standard backup routine, please ensure that the folder “[My Documents]\My BP” is included in the backup. Click here for steps to create a quick backup of your data folder

Step 2 … Shutdown any running instances of My Blood Pressure. The easiest way to do this is to right-click on the heart icon in your System Tray, and then click on “Shutdown My-BP“. This is illustrated in the screenshot below:

shutdown my blood pressure

Step 3Click here to go to the download page, and follow the download and installation instructions on that page.

Once you have finished downloading and installing the new version of My Blood Pressure it will automatically pick up your old settings and readings.

What is New

Release 3.1 12th January 2010

  • If 24 hour time format is on, the “Enter A Reading” dialog accepts times in 24 hour format.
  • Improved the default settings for the import “Open File”.
  • Chart grid lines have been made darker when printing.
  • Added new manual local backup. (Click on the “File” menu, then click on “Backup…”.) This creates a zip file backup of the data folder.
  • Fixed bug: The “Next reminder” tip may incorrectly show “Tomorrow” instead of “Today”.
  • Fixed bug if clicking color option headings.
  • Fixed bug when restoring a user with the same name as an existing user, but different capitalization.
  • Fixed bug: Saving and event or category as a group resulted in the wrong “Study readings” tab being displayed.
  • Fixed bug: caused by empty category label.

Release 3.0 18th December 2008

  • Release 3.0 is a major new version with many new features and useability enhancements. Please see the Guide to Version 3 for Version 2 users for more information.
  • Release 3.0 requires a keycode/license upgrade. Instructions for upgrading were sent to all users who had asked to be notified of new versions. If you have not received a new license, email us at: support@my-health-software.com with details of your order; name and email address.
  • New “Event” system for recording something that happens on a certain date that may affect readings. Events are displayed on the charts, and before/after averages are calculated.
  • New “Categories” system to record additional information, or to place readings in groups. View charts and averages for readings in a category.
  • New chart types and styles including; averaging, percentage, point plots, bar plots, and custom colors.
  • Modifications to the User Interface to make help more accessible, and to maximize viewing area for users who are familiar with the controls.
  • Optional, subscription based, integrated backup service that automatically stores backups of readings on our secure server.
  • More flexible reminder schedules, including weekly, monthly and day of week alerts.

Release 2.11 7th June 2006

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Release 2.10 26th November 2005

  • A new Low Ink Style can be selected which prints the report with “lighter” header and footers.
  • A new Memo section has been added to the printed report, into which you can enter and save any extra text you would like printed on the report.
  • What was referred to as an Average in v2 has been renamed to Reading Group. In future versions, these groups will be used for more than just calculating average statistics.
  • A reading group can be created that selects readings based on keywords in the reading’s notes, in addition to the original date and time filters. To make this more useful, a number of other features have been added:
    • In the Average Tool and Add New Group window, you can now click the Show Reading button to display a list of readings currently in the group. From this window, you can also print a report containing only those readings in the group.
    • In the Edit Reading history pane, you can now select a reading, and use the Show reading’s groups task to display a list of the groups a reading is currently in.
    • In the Enter a Reading window, you can now right click in the Notes field and automatically insert common words into the notes, or view the notes from recent readings.
  • The Enter a Reading window now has two Add Another Reading buttons, one which advances the date forward one day, and one that does not.
  • A new optional BP reading survey system.

Version 2.01 14th August 2005

  • Version 2.01 contains two non-critical bug fixes. If you are using v2.0 and these bugs do not effect you, there is no need to upgrade to v2.01.
  • Bug fix: If you enter/edit the averages and shutdown your computer immediately, My Blood Pressure may revert to the default averages. (A work around in v2.0 is to shutdown and restart My Blood Pressure if you add a new average.
  • Bug fix: It was not possible to print a report in “Landscape” mode in v2.0.

Version 2.0 30th May 2005

Version 1.12 6th April 2005

  • Bug fix to stop the Setup Wizard redisplaying after a reboot on some machines.

Version 1.11 25th February 2005

  • Option to skip multiple lines when importing data. This makes it easier to import readings from certain Omron models.

Version 1.1 2nd December 2004

  • Improved printing options including; printing one month of table data, and single page of data.
  • Ability to print a report with only a chart, or only the readings table.
  • Improved system tray icons for users of versions of Windows prior to WinXP.
  • Ability to delete an unused user account.

Version 1.0 26th September 2004

  • First release

Upgrade FAQ

How do I know what version I am currently using? … Click on the Help menu, then click on About My Blood Pressure. The version is displayed in this window.

Should I firstly uninstall the existing version? … This is not strictly necessary, but your data and settings will not be deleted, so there is no harm in uninstalling first.