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Purchase My Blood Pressure alone for $29.95, or optionally include a second application for $44.90, or purchase a suite containing all 8 of our applications for $49.90.

Price (US Dollars) Description
1 App. Purchase My Blood Pressure (license/activation instructions are sent by email).
2 Apps. Purchase My Blood Pressure + Get the additional application for only $14.95 (50% discount).
8 Apps. Purchase a suite license, including My Blood Pressure, and full licenses to use all 8 of our apps: (What is this?)
    Optionally include an Archive CD. (Price includes worldwide shipping and handling)
    Optionally include a one year subscription to the Online Locker backup service. (What is this?)

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*1 PayPal. Use your PayPal account, or pay by credit card through PayPal. Note: Australian residents are required to pay GST when purchasing via PayPal.

*2 SWREG/Digital River accept all major credit cards online, and fax and phone orders. Residents of Europe, and the following US states: MN, CO, GA, IA, IL, NE, and UT, are required to pay VAT/Sales tax when purchasing via SWREG.

SWREGYou purchase My Blood Pressure through our e-commerce partner SWREG Inc. (Digital River Company NASDAQ: DRIV), or through PayPal.

SWREG Inc. has a physical presence in Minnesota, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and Utah. Applicable local sales tax is added to orders with a billing address in one of those states when purchasing via SWREG.

If you purchase My Blood Pressure through SWREG, and if you are located in the European Union (EU), VAT is added at the standard rate applicable to your country. This is due to European Union tax law, that all electronically delivered items sold via the internet and delivered to European Union users must have VAT collected on them.


Should I choose PayPal or SWREG?

In most cases, whether you choose to purchase through PayPal or SWREG, the cost will be the same, and you will immediately receive your license via email. However, due to SWREG having offices in Europe and certain US states, the cost will be higher due to VAT or Sales taxes. In these cases, using PayPal will be cheaper.

If you do not have a personal preference, we would recommend the PayPal option.

What happens after my order?

Once you have completed the order, you should receive an email from us within 5 minutes, containing a personalized, secure web address which contains simple step by step instructions to install, or convert the trial version, into the fully licensed version. If you have any problems at any stage, email us at support@my-health-software.com.

How long will it take to receive my license?

In most cases you will receive your license (and step by step instructions for installing it) at the end of the purchasing process by email. The email usually takes a couple of minutes to arrive. If you have not received the email within 30 minutes, please email us at support@my-health-software.com and we will reply with your license details.

What is your upgrade policy?

All minor upgrades (for example v1.0 to v1.1) are free. Major upgrades (for example v1.0 to v2.0) may require an upgrade fee, unless purchased within 3 months of the new version release date.

How is the CD shipped?

The CD is shipped in a mailing container from Australia. It usually takes two weeks to arrive at U.S.A. or European addresses, but can take up to three weeks. It may take longer to arrive in other countries.

What is the Online Locker backup service?

The Online Locker backup service is an optional service that runs in the background, saving backups of your readings and settings to our server.

What if I am not happy?

Your purchase is backed by our 100% Risk-Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, just let us know and we will refund your money.

What happens after I purchase?

When you purchase My Blood Pressure you receive a personalized, secure web address which contains simple step by step instructions to install, or convert the trial version, into the fully licensed version.

What is the My Health Software suite?

The suite includes licenses for all our applications including: My Blood Pressure, My Weight Software, My Blood Glucose, My Peak Flow, My Body Temperature, My Cholesterol, My INR, My Blood Oxygen

For more details on what each program does, please see the information page. You choose which applications to install, but have the option to install any or all of them now, or whenever you wish in the future. The installed applications are separate self contained programs, but work together so that you can create custom charts combining readings from all the applications.