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On this page we provide links to information on blood pressure and home monitoring.
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Kellie Helen

Kellie monitoring her blood pressure

Blood pressure and hypertension

Blood pressure is the force of your blood pushing against your artery walls. The pressure is highest when your heart beats (systolic) and lower when your heart rests (diastolic).

White coat hypertension

Many people experience white coat hypertension, (high blood pressure readings when taken by your Doctor) and this is one of the main reasons why home monitoring is useful.

Home monitoring of blood pressure

What you need, What to do before taking a reading, How to take readings, and Tracking your readings!

Home monitoring can help your blood pressure

Some interesting research has shown home monitoring and tracking of blood pressure can actually improve blood pressure levels.

  • Study: The British Medical Journal — Blood pressure control in people with hypertension and the proportion achieving targets are increased when home blood pressure monitoring is used.
  • Study: The British Medical Journal — Monitoring blood pressure at home improves control of hypertension.

Home monitoring in the news

Recent news reports that show the benefits of home monitoring.

Real accounts from people who monitor their BP

Many people are now monitoring their blood pressure from home … some for a month or two, some for the rest of their lives. Find out why in their own words.

Living with high blood pressure