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My Blood Oxygen Software

My Blood Oxygen is Windows Software that records and charts your blood oxygen readings from any pulse oximeter device.

My Blood Oxygen is software for Windows that will run on any modern computer. My Blood Oxygen can be used with any home pulse oximeter device.

What does My Blood Oxygen do?

1. My Blood Oxygen software will remind you to take a blood oxygen reading

My Blood Oxygen runs in your computer’s system tray and will alert you when it is time for a reading to be taken. You can decide when and how often you would like to be reminded to take readings.

2. Enter in your SpO2 reading and optionally your pulse rate

My Blood Oxygen will record, analyze and chart your readings. You can also enter additional information that may affect your blood oxygen levels. You can record events such as; changes in sleep patterns, exercise, diet, medication and your general health. My Blood Oxygen can then provide customised averages and percentages charts so you and your doctor can further analyze your blood oxygen health.

3. Print a professional report

My Blood Oxygen will print (or save or email!) a professional report of your blood oxygen chart and readings for you and to share with your doctor.

Why use My Blood Oxygen?

Blood oxygen levels may be low or unstable due to a number of reasons. The level of oxygen in your blood is important to your health – no human life thrives without oxygen.

Oxygen levels may be low during recovery of an operation or sickness, due to a respiratory illness, during exercise or for pilots in unpressurized aircraft. Perhaps you suffer from sleep apnea or sleep related breathing disorders or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Coronary Disease)?

My Blood oxygen software will record and chart your oxygen saturation level (SpO2) and pulse rate, giving you your true blood oxygen levels. You can use My Blood Oxygen software with any pulse oximeter device, including the less expensive portable and finger pulse oximeters.

Unstable blood oxygen saturation levels can effect your health and tracking these changes is important for a clearer picture. Self monitoring blood oxygen levels will increase self awareness of your conditions and provide your physician with your blood oxygen history. My Blood Oxygen software makes it easy to keep good records on your blood oxygen saturation level.

The more informed you and your doctor are about your health and medical conditions, the better your health.