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My Blood Oxygen

Hello and welcome to My Blood Oxygen!

My Blood Oxygen is software for Windows that records, charts and prints reports of your blood oxygen readings for you and your doctor.

My Blood Oxygen software will record and chart your blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2) and your pulse rate from any home pulse oximeter device.

Download a free 15 day trial of My Blood Oxygen or purchase a copy for US$29.95 with immediate delivery by email.

About My Blood Oxygen

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1. My Blood Oxygen software will remind you to take a blood oxygen reading – an alert will run in your computer’s system tray at the times you choose to be reminded.

2. Enter in your SpO2 reading and optionally your pulse rate – My Blood Oxygen will record, analyze and chart your readings and additional information that may affect your blood oxygen levels such as medication, illness and sleep patterns.

3. Print a professional report – My Blood Oxygen will print (or save or email!) a professional report of your blood oxygen chart and readings for you and to share with your doctor.

Using My Blood Oxygen

Oxygen levels can be low during recovery of an operation, a period of ill health, respiratory illness, during exercise or for pilots in unpressurized aircraft. Oxygen levels can also drop in those with sleep apnea, sleep related breathing disorders or COPD(Chronic Obstructive Coronary Disease).

Pulse oximetry is a simple non-invasive way of monitoring the percentage of haemoglobin in the blood which is saturated with oxygen. SpO2 or Saturation of Peripheral Oxygen measures the amount of oxygen being carried by the red blood cells in the blood. The normal range of SpO2 levels is between 96% to 100%.

Monitoring and tracking SpO2 levels with a pulse oximeter can help prevent complications in people who are at risk of low SpO2 levels. My Blood Oxygen software can make it easy to record and chart your blood oxygen levels, helping you to keep your blood oxygen at safe and healthy levels.

We hope My Blood Oxygen will help you to manage your blood oxygen levels. Thanks! Steve and Kellie