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My Blood Glucose

My Blood Glucose is software for Windows that records and charts your blood glucose readings.

My Blood Glucose software can help you track your blood glucose levels so you can self manage and control your blood glucose levels. My Blood Glucose is designed to be easy to use. We have a wide range of users from young people to seniors. We use clear, step by step instructions, and provide prompt support if you have any problems installing or using our software.

If you have type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic or are at risk of having diabetes, My Blood Glucose can be of help.

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Windows 7, Vista and XP

My Blood Glucose will:

  • Remind you to take a blood glucose reading
  • Record and chart your readings
  • Print a professional report to take to your doctor

Please use our offer to try My Blood Glucose for 15 days for free, or purchase My Blood Glucose with immediate email delivery for only US$29.95.

We hope it will help you manage your blood glucose levels! Thanks! Steve and Kellie (My Health Software team)

What does My Blood Glucose Software do?

My Blood Glucose software will help you manage and control your blood glucose levels.

You do not need to enter in complex diet details, but you can track diet and medication changes, exercise, stress and other factors that affect your blood glucose levels.

You can then determine what affects your blood glucose and how you can control it better.

Tracking blood glucose levels will make it easier to see trends in blood glucose and events that impact your blood glucose. My Blood Glucose software will categorize and analyze readings to help you find those patterns.

Home Blood Glucose Monitoring

The American Diabetes website strongly supports home blood glucose monitoring for a clearer picture of your body’s blood glucose health and what affects it. The website also suggests recording a log of your results to take to your health care provider in order to make any necessary changes.