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Each of our software programs has its own website.

Click on the links below to visit a program’s website where you can read more information about the software, purchase it, or download a free 15 day trial.

My Blood Pressure

Software that records and charts your blood pressure readings.

My Blood Glucose

Software to chart blood glucose levels for those who are at risk of, or who have prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes.

My Weight Software

Software to chart weight and waist measurements for those who need to lose weight and reduce their waist circumference.

My Peak Flow

Software to record peak flow readings and asthma symptoms from a peak flow meter.

My Cholesterol

Software to chart cholesterol readings for those who need to track their HDLs, LDLs and triglycerides.


Software to record INR readings and warfarin dosage for those managing their blood coagulation with a home INR monitoring device.

My Blood Oxygen

Software to chart blood oxygen levels for those people using a pulse oximeter and at risk of low blood oxygen or SpO2 levels.

My Body Temperature

Software to chart body temperature for those who suffer metabolic, hormonal or thyroid conditions where monitoring body temperature can be helpful.